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Whole Life Wellness

Holistic Coaching Services

We all deserve to be well, and not only in the short-term.  Sustainable well-being encompasses mind, body, lifestyle, and environment.  If any one of those is out-of-sync, it can lead to discomfort, fatigue, illness, and dis-ease. 

If you are seeking balance in your life to achieve sustainable well-being, I am ready to work with you.  Together we will explore what you value and the vision of your best lifestyle.  We will collaborate to set achievable personalized goals to ensure you can live life within those values.  I will be your ally throughout the process, ensuring you are accountable to your vision.  With my support, you can achieve a greater sense of well-being and a sustainably healthy lifestyle. 

For information about how coaching works go to About Coaching.  For pricing options, go to Individual Coaching Price Plans.  


Group workshops are a great option for workplace Lunch & Learn sessions, team building, or learning with family or friends.  For more information about Group Workshops on topics including sustainability, resilience, team management, wellness goal setting and more, go to Group Workshops


For pricing, please contact me by email or phone.  

Individual Coaching or Group Workshops. 


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