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Employee Health and Wellness Workshops

   Group Workshops   

Holistic Well-being Workshop

Using a whole-life approach, workshop participants will explore self-kindness.  Group activities and discussion will help you develop an increased sense of well-being.  You will leave with specific self-care commitments to carry these ideas into daily life.  

Zero Waste Kitchen

Becoming Ecowell: 
Crafting your Blueprint for Health and Harmonious Living

In this workshop you will discover ways to incorporate creative and sustainable solutions that benefit individual and environmental well-being in a way that suits your unique lifestyle.
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Image by Arren Mills

Discover Your Resilience Story

We all have the innate resilience that allows us to weather difficulty.  We can use life challenges to lead us to thrive through stress.  In this workshop, you will find your resilience story and recognize resilience in others.

Wheel of Life Goal-setting Workshop

It can be difficult to set reasonable, achievable goals for ourselves.  In this interative workshop, you will use a Wheel of Life whole-life assessment tool to determine areas of focus, then set reasonable goals and action steps.  

Supervising for Employee Wellness

As a Supervisor, it is important that you support your team in their work.  In this workshop, we will brainstorm and discuss ways to ensure that team norms, one-on-one and group meetings, and other aspects of work support employees health and wellness.

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