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Wellness Coaching

Why Choose a Wellness Coach?

Welcome to Whole Life Wellness and thank you for your interest in our services!  You have probably heard of career coaching or life coaching, but wellness coaching may be new to you.  With that in mind, please let me share the value wellness coaching offers.

The goal of wellness coaching is for you to find and live your best life. For most people, it involves adjustments to their lifestyle, including mind, body, and/or environment.   As unique individuals, this looks different for everyone.  This presents a challenge when you attempt it alone.  This is where a coach can make a big difference. 

Ultimately, the value of coaching is in our partnership.  I bring the value of an ally.  I bring the value of professional coaching with an understanding of achievable lifestyle improvement. 

I look forward to working with you!

Sat on the Rocks

As your coach, I will:

  • Be your ally as you visualize your best life

  • Co-create a holistic wellness plan tailored to your path (no cookie-cutter plans here!)

  • Guide you to overcome internal and external barriers to a healthy lifestyle

  • Keep you accountable to yourself and your goals

  • Help you find a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable for you

  • Support your implementation of recommendations from treatment professionals

My coaching practice is based on the following beliefs and tenets:

  • All people are worthy of health and wellness.

  • All people have the right to create their own life. 

  • As humans, we have a special relationship with nature.  We have an obligation to nurture the environment that sustains us.  

  • At certain times in life, most people need some level of assistance from others.

  • Having multi-faceted lives, well-being is a factor not only of physical health but of a combination of factors including work, family, home/environment, spirituality, hobbies, and beyond.

  • All people are creative, knowledgeable, and capable of finding a path to wellness.  We are all resilient and adaptable. 

  • My role is to create a safe space where you can explore what you long for in life and support your goals as they create and maintain your best life. 

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