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The good of 2021

I don't make New Year's Resolutions, but this year I do have a plan to wrap up 2021. I am going to look back to make note of each and every good thing from the year. I will not document the hard times, people lost, sad days or negative experiences. I will reflect on the uplifts, achievements, and joys that carried me throughout the year. Because while 2021 was...a challenge, to say the least, I also personally experienced many good things worth noting.

Even in this second year of video calls and limited personal contact, I made several new friends - extraordinary for an introvert! I found new creative outlets that were both challenging and enjoyable. In many ways, I got closer to my wonderful family. I challenged myself professionally to take a difficult certification exam, and through that endeavor learned more about myself and about coaching. I laughed hard with good friends.

Those are just some of the first examples that come to mind. Each one makes me smile, and recognize that even in times of great difficulty, there are positives to help us thrive.

With that in mind, I will move into the new year with gratitude, looking for the positive uplifts that will propel me forward. Remembering the good of the year, I can launch 2022 on a positive note and build my goals accordingly. Positivity is a practice - I will set a goal to actively notice and generate a positive uplift every week. And I challenge you to name the positives of your year, big or small, because when you seek to see the good, you will find it all around you!

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