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Balancing Patience and Productivity

I left my job on March 6. Writing this a few months later, I am enjoying the feeling of liberation and balance in my life. As I continue taking steps towards this new business endeavor, I am also learning to practice patience.

This isn't easy for me. I am someone who needs to feel productive. As much as I love the freedom of these slower-paced days to use as I see fit, I get anxious about getting on to the next step. I have met weekly with a friend who is also doing some independent work to motivate each of us in our tasks. I was horrified today to realize I had done no additional "work" in the week that just passed. I see friends who want to utilize my services, or who have great referrals for me and I worry that I am not open for business. Luckily, my spouse regularly shares gentle reminders not to be in a rush - I don't need to be ready tomorrow and I will have more referrals in coming weeks and months.

I need to hear it regularly and the reminders work every time. I calm down. I remember that starting before I am actually ready is not productive and would likely lead to other difficulties. Instead of charging ahead before its time, I can organize my next steps and work more methodically towards my goals.

As I do with many life changes, I got two new tattoos to mark this point in my life. While the two are very different, both designs symbolize liberation, balance, and new beginnings. I love the simplicity of the designs, and the message they represent. It holds meaning for me that is personal and important. It seems appropriate as another reminder to keep the balance between productivity and patience!

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