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Labyrinth Walking

I spent a few minutes walking my labyrinth this morning. What I have come to love about walking a labyrinth is that it becomes whatever I need it to be. If I am struggling with a problem, the labyrinth gives me the quiet time to let it go, allowing my mind to release the struggle (and often find solutions in the process). If I am stressed or tense from one of life's world events, I can find a sense of calm and peace. If I am overwhelmed by schedules and obligations, the slow walking pace brings clarity and simplicity that I so need. Today, as I continue to process the events of the past several weeks and try to find my place in real solutions to social inequities, I was seeking a combination of all of these. Mainly, I sought a sense of ease, joy and contentment to carry me through the day.

As the photo shows, my labyrinth is a short path made of flat stones, surrounded with beach rocks. As I walked, I felt the warmth of the sun kissed stones on the bottom of my bare feet. I noticed the new life of surrounding plants that grow measurably day to day. I saw a tiny bee enjoying what the latest blooms had to offer. When I reached the middle circle, I paused. I took a moment to look around. I took a moment of internal meditation:

May I appreciate this beauty.

May I learn something new today.

May I seek common ground with those whose opinions differ from mine.

May I ease the suffering of others.

And sitting here now, I know I found what I needed.

If you'd like to learn more about labyrinth meditation, designs, or resources, check out Paths of Peace.

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